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        ABOUT US

      SHANDONG LAIDUAN MACHINERY CO.,LTDis a professional free forging manufacturer, the member of Confederation of Chinese Metalforging Industry.
      It is located in laiwu city of Shandong province, China, the total space area is around 60,000sq.m.fixed assets is $20 million and
      current assets is $11 million. The company has 336 employees, which covers 6senior engineers and 18 intermediate engineers.
      There are more than 60 sets main equipments at present, which including two sets of hydraulic forging machines(1600T&4500T), two sets of electro hydraulic hammer(3T&5T),all kinds of air hammers and board drop hammers(1000kg,560kg,250kg), 30 sets heat treatment equipments (heavy furnaces and heat Treatment Furnaces) and 30 sets
      machining equipments with 16m&12m horizontal lathes,14 sets suspending equipments. We could supply you 50- T all kinds of free forgings including forged shaft, rotor, ring, cylinder, pipe mould and so on. These products have been widely
      using in machine tool, equipments, mining, railroad, wind power, shipping, automotive and electric power. The annual production
      capability is above 60,000T and $60-70 million per year.
      The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates. We also get API Q1 and ISO29001 certificates. We could make all kinds of test according to customers’ request such as UT test, Material assay, Metallography test,
      Rigidity test, and Physical properties test. First-class technicians’ managements, employees and quality-controlled system will provide you excellent quality and service.
      Our market covers 340+ companies worldwide, mainly from mainland, Thailand, USA, Italy,Czech and other Europe countries. The products have won high business integrity and recognition from our clients.